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Initial reports are listed below.
Upon finalisation of an investigation, findings and recommendations will be published here and in the HGFA Sky Sailor magazine.
Please note: In the event of a fatality, HGFA findings will not be released until the Coroner has completed investigations and release their findings.

Date No. / Discipline State Description Recomendation
03-11-2017 776 / PG NSW Incident BORAH CREEK NOVA Susi Q
This report is under review.
14-11-2017 13:36 775 / PG VIC Incident SMOKO Niviuk Hook 4
This report is under review.
02-11-2017 14.00 773 / PG NSW Accident Strzelecki Lookout Icaro Pica
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Peter Mahony, a member of the Newcastle Paragliding Club. Peter died in paragliding accident at Strzelecki, Newcastle on Thursday 2 November 2017. HGFA Operations and NSW Police Aviation investigators were immediately mobilised, and are now assisting Coronial authorities. We would like to thank the local pilots who provided immediate and invaluable assistance and committee members of the Newcastle Paragliding Club for assisting with provision of support for their members and information to assist with the investigation. Peter launched his Icaro Pica Glider and was seen flying for a short period of time, before Peter and his glider was observed impacting with the ridge. A comprehensive investigation is now underway. Members will understand that more investigations are required before firm conclusions can be made. Our thoughts and condolences are with Peter's family and his many gliding friends at this sad time. Brett Coupland HGFA Operations Manager
This event is still under investigation. Findings and recommendations will not be available until the NSW Coroner's Office has completed and released their report. Thank you.
13-11-2017 17:00 772 / PG Southeast Qld Accident Beaudesert Queensland Gin Bolero 4
Due to wind gust and incorrect application of brakes, PUI stumbled and was dragged across the ground. PUI suffered cuts and grazes. Medical treatment was applied to PUI
Instructors assess and continue monitoring conditions, whilst this activity is being carried out.
04-11-2017 12:10 771 / PG VIC Incident Mystic Bright Victoria 777 Rook 2
Waiting on Mystic Launch and not used to flying with Flight Deck, I became distracted during set up by a spectator talking to me. I clipped in my flight deck and launched. My harness slipped sideways up my back and I was hanging on 1 leg strap only. I was able to continue flight, but unable to get securely in harness, continued to landing zone with opposite brake to trim glider. Landed with no issues.
Recommend all PG pilots modify 5 point pre-take off checks to include VISUAL CONFIRMATIION that legstrap buckles , carabiners, and helmet strap are done up.
05-11-2017 08:35 770 / WM SA & NT Accident STRATHALBYN Airborne Edge
Pilot did not anticipate runway surface issues. Due to roughness of grassed section of runway, the aircraft nose wheel hit a depression (hole) and pushed the nosewheel into a hard turn to the right. The aircraft rolled over due to the nose-wheel steering knocked hard right by runway surface.
Club/Airfield operator to review status condition of runway to determine suitability of continued operations
04-11-2017 13:30 769 / HG Southeast Qld Accident RATHDOWNEY Moyes RX-4
Pilot had to assess wind direction with no ground indicators - only drift. Pilot elected to land across the LZ but found it likely that he would overshoot. Pilot modified course direction, but found himself high over a gully with no air speed. Glider stalled and pilot/glider impacted terrain/obstacles.
Landing plans and assessment of landing options and should be carried out early, whilst there is adequate height and therefore time to do so. The lower you are the less choice you have.
05-11-2017 9:30 768 / PG NSW Accident LAKE BURRENDONG U-Turn Redout
Pilot was flying and acro wing back to launch point. Pilot ended up high over launch point and elected to slow the glider by going deep on the brakes to prevent overshooting aiming point. Glider stalled/ went parachutal. Pilot impacted the ground at a high descent rate causing injury.
Using S-turns or other means of losing height while maintaining air speed is a better height loss strategy when flying highly loaded wings.
28-10-2017 15:30 766 / PG NSW Accident Warriewood Sky Metis
Tandem pilot and passenger landed in the water due to site switching off and pilot experiencing sink on the way to the LZ. Tandem operations should be our safest lowest risk operations possible. Apparently this site can "switch off" with little or no warning.
Recommend development of a protocol for operations at this site so that a high level of safe tandem operations can continue.
14-10-2017 13:30 765 / HG VIC Incident Mystic Hill, Bright
Pilot found that after launch the left brake line had tangled at the pulley Pilot found that this in effect was like the left wing was deeply braked and a similar amount of pull was required on the opposite side to maintain level flight. Pilot managed to untangle line and continue flight Pilot concludes in post flight analysis that aborting launch would have been a better outcome.
Pilot to review tandem launch technique to include functional check of all lines
24-10-2017 16:00 764 / PG NSW Accident Mount Lindsay Ozone Zeno
Pilot elected to fly a track over a forested area According to witness - pilot left Mt Lindsay low and attempted crossing without sufficient height. Pilot left with no other option but to land in trees. Pilot landed with minor injuries and was recovered next day
Pilot to review XC crossings with instructor/coach to improve XC in-flight decisions. Club/Meet director to review pilot retrieval protocols.
18-10-2017 11:30 763 / PG NSW Accident Possum Shoot Coorabell
Whilst ground handling a small 9m wing, a student managed to injure a finger. Instructor was also providing input on wing.
Recommend instructors review this activity and conditions under which it is implemented.
22-10-2017 15:12 762 / PG TAS Accident Roaring Beach Nubeena Tasmania Ozone Rush 4
Pilot 1 flew into lee of ridge and encountered rotor causing uncontrolled flight into terrain.
It is not specified why pilot chose to fly into rotor
14-10-2017 13:00 761 / PG SA & NT Accident AUSTRALIA PLAINS Niviuk ARTIK 4
Pilot encountered sink after tow. Pilot experienced collapse turning onto final. Pilot's wing not fully recovered by the time pilot inpacted the ground. Pilot was distracted with wing recovery instead of preparing for hard landing. Pilot impacted ground at high descent rate and suffered injury.
Recommend Pilot to review method and timing of standing up in harness in preparation to land. Recommend Pilot to review PLF and "forward-roll" techniques
15-10-2017 16.10 760 / PG NSW Accident Bald Hill Stanwell Tops UP Gliders Makalu
Pilot's wing suffered collapse from " rough" air. Pilot's wing then entered spin due to collapse. Pilot/glider impacted on cliff face Pilot was rescued by club members
Pilot to review with instructor / SSO the criteria he/she uses to assess if conditions are suitable for his skill and equipment.
06-09-2017 15:00 759 / PG Payung Bali unknown unknown
Accidents in Bali do not fall under jurisdiction of HGFA.
Accidents in Bali do not fall under jurisdiction of HGFA.
04-10-2017 15:20 758 / PG NSW Accident STANWELL PARK Air Design Rise 2
Pilot was seen to be undertaking a second Top Landing of the afternoon in the designated South Face landing area, when he was seen to spin the glider from 2m high. It was noted that the Pilot was very deep in the landing zone when this occurred possibly caused by rough wind conditions of the afternoon or a wake from a passing glider.
Club to Review landing area for hazard reduction. Pilot to review top landing technique for this site with club SSO.
17-09-2017 14:40 757 / PG VIC Incident SMOKO Ozone Enzo 2
V Exp pilot on standard Thermal XC flight. Mild to busy byhemics. On 4th climb at @9km out. Climbed to b1550, left thermal at mild inversion. Glider dived forward into full asymmetrical front leading edge collapse Pilot somersaulted thru 3 Lines , recovered wing to stabilize under remaining 40% of flying canopy with line overs & wrapped deep cravatte. Attempted to clear cravatte by line in. Resorted to 1st reserve deployment, wing in, then 2nd res. deploy. Stable decent from 1300 m Remote landing amongst but clear of trees. No injuries. Some damage to wing. All equipment recovered other than res deploy bags.
Turbulence at inversions or at top of climb where a thermal cant break through an inversion can be quite strong particularly in spring conditions. This incident is an example where the conditions have exceeded the capabilities of the pilot and/or the aircraft. Using RASP - Blipmaps "Thermal Updraft Velocity" charts may provide indication of turbulent conditions that would impact the safety of the planned flight.
09-09-2017 16:00 756 / HG Southeast Qld Accident Training hill Kooralbin Moyes malibu
10 kn of wind up the face, undulating ground to run over. Good take off initially, as he starts to fly, student pushes out slightly, eyes dropped to the ground. Glider then came slightly down well student was still running then flew away. Student bruised the bottom of his foot. We treated it as an ankle injury. But it was just bruising of the foot. He was taken to hospital for x-rays
This report is under review.
12-09-2017 9:45 754 / HG Southeast Qld Accident TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN
The flight was just before 10am. One Paraglider flew out beforehand and made it to the landing field plenty of height to do 4 x 360s before doing a Aircraft landing approach in light to no wind. The conditions looked perfect. We sent out a student - he had a great launch. He did veer to the right. He needed to be reminded to head straight to the landing field. Then not long after launch he started getting sink. He got sink all the way to the landing field. He looked like he may not make it to the LZ. I told him to go for the short landing field. He was 2 m from the short landing field and his wing tip clipped a tree and the glider ceased to fly. He fell about 3 m, onto his ankle. It was a closed fracture.
Recommend FTF review high glide supervision from bottom LZ protocol.
17-09-2017 15:00 753 / PG NSW Accident Spring Hill
Pilot turned into the hill below hill height and hit the hill. He had been told by the Safety officer to stay away from the hill as much as possible.
Pilot skills and decision making seems to be in need of review. Pilot was not able to maintain separation from terrain. Recommend SSO discuss accident with pilot and help pilot develop better flying strategies for this site.
25-08-2017 13:00 752 / PG VIC Accident Mystic, Bright Ozone Enzo 2
awaiting report from pilot
This report is under review.
23-08-2017 1230 751 / PG NSW Accident SPRING HILL Ozone Rush 3
This report is under review.
30-07-2017 1200 750 / HG North Qld Accident Broken River area Airborne Fun
Pilot experienced fatigue in his arm and elected to land. Pilot experienced thermic turbulence during final approach to LZ which veered him toward another paddock. Pilot elected to continue to this other paddock which turned out to be unsuitable. Pilot/ glider impacted terrain due to thermal turbulence and and arm fatigue. Pilot injured and glider damaged.
Recommend pilot to review flight planning and "Human Performance and Limitations" with instructor.
19-08-2017 11:45 749 / WM WA Accident Port Headland airborneo
International pilot embarked on XC journey across top of Australia. Pilot was qualified and had experience in flying in southern parts of Australia. Due to harsh and remote terrain, and lack of airfields and support services - Pilot elected to fly in the middle of the day and experienced thermic conditions that were beyond the capabilities of the pilot and the aircraft. Pilot experienced loss of control during landing due to thermic turbulence and damaged aircraft on obstacle.
All aircraft are subject to operational limitations - even full sized passenger aircraft can experience conditions that are beyond the capabilities of the aircraft. Recommend that pilot review operations in hot, tropical climates with instructor.