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Initial reports are listed below.
Upon finalisation of an investigation, findings and recommendations will be published here and in the HGFA Sky Sailor magazine.
Please note: In the event of a fatality, HGFA findings will not be released until the Coroner has completed investigations and release their findings.

Date No. / Discipline State Description Recomendation
12-04-2018 12.40 849 / PG VIC Accident Gradient Golden 2
Pilot approached deep and high for a top landing, and then spun the wing on the right, about five meters above the ground. He hit the ground flat on his back. He impacted on dirt with only a few very small shrubs. He releasing his leg buckles, right shoulder strap and taking off his helmet, but stayed prone. As he impacted only about 20 meters behind the busy launch area, helpers arrived immediately.
Pilots need to let their wing fly so as to not stall or spin. The risk of spinning when coming in to a top landing can be high and the need to pay attention to airflow when applying a large amount of brake pressure.
07-04-2018 15.30 847 / PG NSW Accident Long Reef Gin FUSE
This report is under review.
04-04-2018 16.30 846 / PG TAS Accident Cashs Lookout, Eaglehawk Neck. Advance Sigma 10
This report is under review.
30-03-2018 14:00 844 / PG VIC Accident Corryong Swing Sensis
This report is under review.
24-03-2018 18:00 843 / PPG Southeast Qld Incident Redcliffe Aerdrome Polini 190 Light
This report is under review.
13-02-2018 13:50 842 / PG VIC Accident Tawonga Gap Advance XAlps 2
This report is under review.
15-03-2018 18:00 841 / PG NSW Incident Mt Borah - West Advance Alpha5
This report is under review.
17-03-2018 12:30 840 / PG VIC Incident Fisher Apco Vista 2
This type of incident keeps happening over the years. Pilots keen on going for fly try to ground handle or dune goon at low level and take advantage of the wind gradient. Unfortunately its common for thermic turbulence to cause mixing of higher velocity uppper air with air at lower levels - causing wind gusts.
12-03-2018 15:00 839 / HG VIC Incident Kilcunda
This report is under review.
07-03-2018 13:35 837 / PG VIC Accident Mystic Landing Paddock No.1, Bright, Victoria Nova Prion 3
When thermalling in marginal conditions, pilots need to maintain enough height to glide to the landing zone.
07-01-2018 06:00 836 / PPG North Qld Accident THEODORE Fresh Breeze Polini 190 Sportix
This report is under review.
09-02-2018 1400 835 / PG NSW Incident STANWELL PARK Skywalk Cayenne 5
This report is under review.
20-02-2018 2230 833 / HG VIC Accident Hutt Gully near Anglesea on the beach. Moyse Light sport
This report is under review.
21-01-2018 15:00 832 / PG NSW Accident Shelley's Beach Port Macquarie Gin Sprint Evo
This report is under review.
18-02-2018 14:00 831 / PG Southeast Qld Incident 5km north of Beaudesert Gin GTO2
This report is under review.
18-01-2018 13:30 830 / PG VIC Accident CORRYONG GIN Carrera
This report is under review.
11-02-2018 13:00 826 / PG VIC Incident KILCUNDA Icaro Pandion
Always connect speedbar. Always.
07-02-2018 18:30 825 / PG NSW Incident DEE WHY AIRG SOPHIE2
Tight launch and thus PG5 ONLY -- Minor incident with lines caught on snag point of powerpole. Services assistance to get PG down. No damage.
Ground handling, ground handling, ground handling.... and more ground handling...
10-12-2017 15:00 824 / PG NSW Accident Bombala St Dudley, Newcastle UP Trango XC2
Pilot attempted a headwind crossing at a coastal cliff site. pilot encountered significant sink, limiting his landing options to a downwind landing on rocks. Down wind landing on rocks resulted in significant injury to pilot.
Pilots should fly so that many landing options are available if conditions do not deliver lift where it is expected.
01-02-2018 12:43 823 / PG VIC Incident Near Mystic, Bright. Lat -36.7567, Long 146.9664 Gradient Nevada
Pilot landed in tree. Pilot used tree rescue kit in harness to secure himself Pilot used rope to draw up better climbing equipment and better rope once assistance arrived. Pilot sucessfully climbed down from tree
It was not reported if wing was recovered
20-01-2018 14:00 822 / PG Southeast Qld Incident MOOLOOLABA Ozone Mojo 5
Pilot unfortunately lost control of wing at a small and unforgiving launch site. Pilot was dragged causing "gravel rash" injury.
This report is under review.
05-02-2018 13:00 819 / PG NSW Incident Stanwell Park Air Design Rise 2
Pilot accidentally flew into rotor - pilot suffered minor injury on impact with terrain.
This report is under review.
12-01-2018 17:00 818 / PG VIC Accident Mystic Flight Park
PUI crashed into tree despite clear instructions to turn. It was found that pilot was relying on weight shift only to turn - not weight shift and brake. This made his turns ineffective and wide.
This report is under review.
19-10-2017 14 00 817 / PG WA Incident GERALDTON
This report is under review.
10-01-2018 13:30 816 / PG VIC Incident Southside Flow ACE
After assisted reverse take off the HG to PG conversion course student flies into nice laminar lift. The preflight flight plan is for the student to fly towards the beach for a beach landing under radio instruction. 10s into the flight the student is flying right toward the beach when for unknown reasons he panics, applies deep right side brake and starts flying into the hill. Following prompt instructor's commands he releases the brake, applies left weight-shift and left hand side brake which turns him into the wind. However due to the initial right brake input being too strong the resulting swing through is too deep and the student ends up not clearing the top of the hill and softly lands cross wind on top of the cliffs. No injury to the student or the gear.
This report is under review.