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Initial reports are listed below.
Upon finalisation of an investigation, findings and recommendations will be published here and in the HGFA Sky Sailor magazine.
Please note: In the event of a fatality, HGFA findings will not be released until the Coroner has completed investigations and release their findings.

Date No. / Discipline State Description Recomendation
11-08-2018 11:40 875 / PG Southeast Qld Towers, Bald Knob QLD Swing Arcus 7
This report is under review.
29-07-2018 14:30 874 / HG Southeast Qld Accident Mt Tamborine Moyes Gecko
This report is under review.
22-07-2018 13:53 873 / PG NSW Incident Megalong Valley Ozone Alpina 2
This report is under review.
13-07-2018 13.30 872 / PG VIC Accident Portsea Nova Ion 3
Pilots should be aware that when the wind is more than 30 degrees off perpendicular to the ridge, you can expect lift to be approx. half compared to 0 degrees off perpendicular. Also local terrain (obstacles)can also effect lift available.
25-06-2018 16:00 871 / PG NSW Accident Blackheath Gradient Golden 4
This report is under review.
19-05-2018 13:00 864 / HG Southeast Qld Incident Mt Tamborine
This report is under review.
24-05-2018 16:00 863 / PG VIC Incident 13th Beach https://siteguide.org.au/Sites/Barwon%20Heads%20(13th%20Beach).html
This report is under review.
19-05-2018 13:00 862 / HG Southeast Qld Accident Mt Tamborine Moyes RX
This report is under review.
13-05-2018 1500 860 / PG VIC Accident flinders gol course
At approximately 15:00 the pilot launched in light conditions and had been flying for approx. 10 minutes, when people on launch heard noises like branches breaking. Turning to observe the pilot appearing to have hit some branches but was momentarily still flying ok. Then it was observed his reserve deployed and the pilot down-planed and came into contact with the ground approximately 15 metres up from the beach.
Currently awaiting pilot1s input and therefore still under assessment.
12-05-2018 1300 859 / HG SA & NT Accident Barn Hill, Mid-North of SA Moyes Malibu 2
I believe that Nick should do the following – 1. Get his glider repaired and fully checked over, even if this means stripping off the sails and examining the tubing and bolts. 2. Contact Rohan HoltKamp to ask when he’s likely to be running training lessons again. Rohan trains off the dunes on the west coast of Victoria, which is a lot closer that going to NSW and seeing Tony. This is one option to reducing his additional costs. 3. When he’s finally been signed off, he should plan and organise to have some local flying a.s.a.p. afterwards, so that little time elapses between training and early flights. Travel time between Wallaroo and Adelaide is about 3 hours, and he can always contact local pilots regarding flying conditions prior to coming down.
08-03-2018 14:37 858 / PG VIC Incident End point time: 14:38:11 +11:00 altitude : 282 m GPS lat :36.64108 S GPS lon :147.11687 E Flow XcR
This report is under review.
12-04-2018 15:30 854 / PG NSW Incident Long Reef - North AeroDyne Feex
This report is under review.
28-04-2018 3:10PM 853 / HG VIC Incident Warranga Basin VIC Gin Carrera
This report is under review.
28-04-2018 16:00 852 / PG VIC Accident Warranga Basin Ozone Delta 3
This report is under review.
13-04-2018 13:30 851 / PG Southeast Qld Accident Ozone Zeno
This report is under review.
31-03-2018 850 / PG NSW Accident Crackneck Lookout, Bateau Bay Advance Sigma 10
This report is under review.
12-04-2018 12.40 849 / PG VIC Accident Gradient Golden 2
Pilot approached deep and high for a top landing, and then spun the wing on the right, about five meters above the ground. He hit the ground flat on his back. He impacted on dirt with only a few very small shrubs. He releasing his leg buckles, right shoulder strap and taking off his helmet, but stayed prone. As he impacted only about 20 meters behind the busy launch area, helpers arrived immediately.
Pilots need to let their wing fly so as to not stall or spin. The risk of spinning when coming in to a top landing can be high and the need to pay attention to airflow when applying a large amount of brake pressure.
07-04-2018 15.30 847 / PG NSW Accident Long Reef Gin FUSE
This report is under review.
04-04-2018 16.30 846 / PG TAS Accident Cashs Lookout, Eaglehawk Neck. Advance Sigma 10
This report is under review.
06-04-2018 15:33 845 / PG VIC Incident Portsea London Bridge launch flow yoti
Pilots should be aware that visors, cameras or any other protusion mounted on a helmet may catch on paraglider lines in flight, landing or taking off and caution should be exercised. Wearing a helmet without protusions should also be considered.
30-03-2018 14:00 844 / PG VIC Accident Corryong Swing Sensis
Pilots should fly with a safety margin of altitude in case unexpected sink is encountered.
24-03-2018 18:00 843 / PPG Southeast Qld Incident Redcliffe Aerdrome Polini 190 Light
This report is under review.
13-02-2018 13:50 842 / PG VIC Accident Tawonga Gap Advance XAlps 2
This report is under review.
15-03-2018 18:00 841 / PG NSW Incident Mt Borah - West Advance Alpha5
This report is under review.
17-03-2018 12:30 840 / PG VIC Incident Fisher Apco Vista 2
This type of incident keeps happening over the years. Pilots keen on going for fly try to ground handle or dune goon at low level and take advantage of the wind gradient. Unfortunately its common for thermic turbulence to cause mixing of higher velocity uppper air with air at lower levels - causing wind gusts.