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Experience the thrill of pure flight with the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia

The Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) is the sporting body that administrates Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Weight Shift Microlights in Australia under regulations laid down by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

It represents over 3500 members and their clubs providing a framework for all pure flight aviation enthusiasts to take part in the sport they love, in a safe, fun way.

(SAFA was formerly known as the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA).)

Supporting members to enjoy pure flight safely

Recognised by CASA and the FAI as the voice of members nationally and internationally, the SAFA supports and promotes members and their clubs through: 

  • Training and certification of pilots and aircraft registration 
  • Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance
  • Liaising with related sporting bodies and international organisations
  • Advocating on behalf of members and the sport
  • Managing member records of skills and qualifications
  • Accident investigation for CASA and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau
  • Sanctioning of competitions as a delegate of ASAC and the FAI
  • Administering flight operations to protect and promote safety
  • Detecting and reporting of equipment defects.

For more information about SAFA approved flight schools click here.  

To talk to someone about experiencing the thrill of pure flight call 03 9336 7155.

Experience the Freedom of Flight

Bring a sense of adventure and join other aviation enthusiasts, finding freedom in the air with Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Microlight adventure sports.