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    The Freedom of FLIGHT

    Experience the freedom of Pure Flight today.

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    “Adrenaline courses through my veins as I turn to face the cliff
    and gently steady the wing above my head.
    I feel the rising lines push on my shoulders, a guarantee of lift.”

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    Which Flight Path for me?

    Paragliding? Hang Gliding? Powered Paragliding? Microlights?

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    Ben’s First Solo Paraglide

    Ben West shares the Thrill of his First Solo Paraglide.

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    Four Steps to Pure Flight

    The Four simple steps to enjoying the thrill of pure flying.

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    Stay Safe, Get Certified

    Like all adventure sports, safety is crucial.

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The Freedom of Flight

Don’t delay, take flight today and renew your membership with the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia.

To continue to experience the freedom of flight, taking in a bird’s-eye view of the world,

you will need to renew your current financial membership with SAFA.

As an organisation, we are much more than simply providing insurance, SAFA is passionate about advocating on our member’s behalf, with strong emphasis on training and safety that helps build our pilots’ skills and confidence needed to tackle the challenge of flying further and longer.

Benefits of Renewing with SAFA.

  1. Be part of a supportive flying community of 3,500 fellow members, where we encourage you to spread your wings and take flight with your mates.
  2. With an emphasis on training and safety, the SAFA helps build the skills and confidence needed to tackle the challenge of flying further and for longer.
  3. SAFA provides you the most comprehensive insurance for sports aviation pilots in Australia and overseas.
  4. SAFA is responsible for administrating flight operations to protect and promote members safety.
  5. Gain an industry body that will advocate, support and inform members on all things sports aviation.
  6. SAFA liaises with related sporting bodies and international organisations on its members behalf.
  7. Be part of a sporting legacy that stretches back over 50 years, where you are in safe, secure hands, so you can fly freely and safely.
  8. Be part of an adrenalin-pumping, thrilling sport that takes you sky high.
  9. SAFA sanctions competitions as a delegate of ASAC and the FAI.
  10. Fly sky high and have access to national and international competitions

Safety is of the utmost importance to SAFA. Without a current SAFA membership, you are not allowed to fly, and your qualifications are no longer valid in Australia or overseas. Your licence and ratings are not valid without a SAFA membership.

As the airspace becomes more and more congested, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is prosecuting illegal flying activities. SAFA is focussed on safety, the future of our sport and ensuring your freedom to fly continues.

We want to see you soar in this sport and fly high across Australian and overseas skies.

To renew your membership login to your account and click the renewal menu option.

Our Craft



A Paraglider pilot sits in a harness below a fabric wing that holds its shape through suspension lines and air pressure.
Hang Gliding 

Hang Gliding

A Hang Glider pilot is suspended in a harness below a rigid wing which is usually an aluminium frame covered in a synthetic sail cloth.
Powered Paragliding 

Powered Paragliding

Powered Paraglider or Paramotor pilots wear a motor on their back which provides enough thrust to take off with a Paragliding wing, specifically designed for motored operations.
Microlight & PoweredHang Gliding

Microlight & Powered
Hang Gliding

Microlight trike pilots sit in a propeller-driven trike, suspended below a wing similar to a Hang Glider.
Powered Hang Gliders have a small engine contained within the harness allowing launch from flat ground.