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HGFA Competition Mailing List


This mail list has been established for the HGFA competition committee.

This is an unofficial mail list

The HGFA declare that they hold no responsibility for its operation or its contents. It is for the use of pilots interested in Australian HGFA competitions to be aware of current competition issues and to discuss changes quickly.


This mail list is open to anyone who subscribes including pilots from overseas. Its membership is currently unrestricted and the messages are not moderated.


At times there will be a large number of messages as members discuss competition issues. But we hope you will keep the messages to a minimum by restricting the type of messages to the following.
The following topics are welcome:
  • Any discussion or announcement involving HGFA Competitions including all disciplines of our sport (Hang gliding, Paragliding and trikes).
  • Results of Australian pilots at overseas competitions.
  • Australian records.

Topics excluded from this list

The following topics are NOT to be discussed on this list. The reason for excluding these topics is to provide a forum targeting a narrow selection of issues without filling members mail with items they are not interested in.
  • No instruction or training
  • No club activities unless it is regarding competitions of interest to all Australian pilots
  • No visiting pilot questions unless it is for Australian competitions
  • No flying stories
  • No requests for any official information from the HGFA (contact the office directly)
  • If your reply is of a personal nature please send your reply to the individual using their email address from the header.
  • No matters concerning general HGFA issues (use appropriate mail list)
  • No matters concerning Safety or operational matters (use appropriate list)


  • Please participate.
  • When you do participate, please consider your comments fully.
  • Please respect the opinions of others.
  • Each person will be writing based on their own experience which is probably different from yours. Since their experience is different they will probably have different ideas.
  • In the interests of everyone, you may like to avoid posting messages if you are angry. Or at least don't send an angry message until after you have had time to read and consider it again.
  • It is easy to misunderstand something someone has said. Please don't jump to the wrong conclusions.
    Please avoid any flaming or insults.
  • We expect some users who are new to mailing lists will make mistakes. Please be polite and forgiving and if you must help someone then consider sending them a personal message rather than telling everyone.
  • Please try and avoid blatantly commercial postings - or even carefully disguised/subliminal commercial postings for that matter.
  • Please do not send attachments to the list. If you have a file that you would like to distribute, stick it on a web site and provide the URL or invite interested parties to e-mail you directly to obtain the file. The sever will NOT distribute messages greater than 16kB (16384 bytes).
  • Please set your e-mail program to send messages to this list in plain-text only. Many subscribers can only receive plain text and the tags associated with formatted messages are so annoying that they will probably delete your messages without even reading them.
  • Please delete the text of the message to which you are replying which is not essential for your reply to be understood.
  • If you would like more information on the Do's and Don'ts of netiquette have a look at:

To join the list called 'hgfacompetitions'

All commands MUST appear in the subject line and be sent to


To add your address to the list or to add a specific address to the list, send a message to, with "subscribe hgfacompetitions," in the subject line.


To remove your address or remove a specific address from the list, send a message to, with "unsubscribe hgfacompetitions," in the subject line.

Of course substitute your email address for the "" :-)

Other commands are:

LISTS - Returns a list of all the public mailing lists maintained on the site
WHICH - returns the lists which you are already subscribed to

Contributing to the mailing list

Compose your e-mail message as if you would send it to a friend. Do not use attached files such as pictures, zip or doc files etc. This enables everyone with any type of computer to read the message.

Address the message to

And send it off. When the Mail Server receives your message it will deliver them to all the mailing list members. It handles messages delivered to -request directories by parsing them for commands and creating a "Journal" file which it then returns to the sender.

Replying to messages from the mailing list

Different mail programs display and reply to different addresses from the header so simply replying to the message will currently address the reply to the entire mailing list.

The header from the original message may appear to be from the individual rather than the mailing list. You can possibly change your view of the header in your mail program to display the full header with more details.

By replying "to all" it is possible to read the header your mail program has created and help determine if the message was directly from the individual, or the list.

Or simply include the address:

Another problem is that your mail program may sort your messages by time setting on the computer that the message was sent from. If their clock was wrong then the message may appear out of order.

We thank Felix Burkhard for this facility. Please do not expect Felix to help you, as he has other important work to do.

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