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April 2011 - Competition Appointment

Geoff Wong has kindly offered to assist co-coordinating the offer letters and contracts for paragliding pilots wishing to compete in Spain later this year. The HGFA office will help Geoff in his capacity to ensure those pilots wanting to compete, and are selected, have a successful competition. Competing pilots will return to Australia after the competition with significant experience that will help other Australian pilots develop their own flying skills.

Geoff can be contacted on 0403441147.

April 2011 - Office News

For 2 weeks during the Victorian school holidays the HGFA office will be short staffed while Millicent and Trene take well earned and deserved breaks. Millicent will be away the first week and Trene the second week. We will be back to normal right after Easter.

April 2011 - Amended CAO 95.8 & Wheeled PG and HG

From John Olliff, Operations Manager

The HGFA generally, and HGFA pilots who particularly want to fly off the ground with wheels attached should be very pleased with the release on Wednesday 30th March of amended CAO 95.8. This amended CAO removes the legal impediment to attach and use wheels as a launch method for hang gliders and paragliders. I acknowledge the frustration of many pilots over the last 3 months who have had their "wings clipped" during the HGFA imposed moratorium on wheel based flying. However it is also very important to note, by acknowledging the oversight and managing the issues around the oversight we provided the confidence required for our regulator to move forward with their own sense of conviction. The result is a new CAO and new opportunities for HGFA pilots.

January 2011 - HGFA Newsletter

Read the latest HGFA newsletter here.

December 2010 - Ops Manager Appointment

The HGFA is pleased to announce the appointment of John Olliff as the new HGFA Operations Manger. John Twomey the outgoing Acting Operations Manager spent the week before Christmas with John Olliff before stepping down. We thank John Twomey for his contributions over the period when he stepped aside from his Committee responsibilities and into the Operation Managers role when Mark had to leave. John Olliff joins the HGFA management team with an aviation background including hang gliding, small business and corporate.

Contact Details Email john.olliff@hgfa.asn.au or operations.manager@hgfa.asn.au Mobile 0417644633 Office (03)9336 7155

Minutes of AGM - 9th of October 2010

The minutes of the HGFA AGM 2010 (draft) can be found here.

15 September 2009 - Sports Aviation Takes On The Risks...

The sports aviation industry and CASA have begun discussions about a new risk-based oversight approach. The inaugural Sport Aviation Safety Forum was held last month in Canberra to begin work on the approach to oversight. About 40,000 people are involved in sports aviation, operating more than 9000 aircraft across the nation. Changes being considered to the safety oversight of the sector aim to improve the self-administration processes. The moves follow a recent industry risk study conducted for CASA by consultants Aerosafe Risk Management. Ten organisations representing the diverse areas of sport aviation including parachuting, hang gliding and ultra-lights, assisted the study by building an individual risk profile of their activities. This led to the development of valuable ideas for treating risks and improving safety in the various sports. CASA has announced it will set up a new Sport Aviation office, as well as creating a sports aviation policy framework and providing performance standards for the sector. The Sport Aviation office will be a part of CASAs Standards Development and Future Technology division.

June 09 - Updates to 95.8, 95.10 and 95.32

New updates to these rules soon to be released. Keep a watch here for publishing of the new rules. Link will be placed to each regulation as soon as it is made law. Check CASA website for progress updates.

June 09 - New WM defect reports

Oil filter brackets on Airborne 582 showing fatigue cracks as low as 50 hours but more frequently at 300-800 hrs. Details here.

April 09 - Mandatory ELTs For WM

CASA moves to mandate ELTs for all CAO 95.32 WM aircraft flying over 50nm from point of take off.

Map Symbols for HG/PG/WM

Data list of symbols for HGFA aircraft operations Australia wide. Please check to see if information is correct and where possible provide updated information and contact person to the HGFA General Manager. Data will be updated to Office of Airspace Regulation every six months. More...


CPI Increase in HGFA Membership Fees

As of 1st April 2008 the new HGFA membership fee takes effect. Notice of the increase was placed into the Soaring Australia magazine's March edition. The HGFA is pleased that our membership fee remains fairly static in these times of high inflation with the only additional increase in our fee being that of CPI adjustment. The scaling costs of fuel and its effect on all other products do put pressure on our own costs. For the time being however, we have been successful in absorbing these inflations through improved efficiencies and reductions in other areas of expenditures. The extent to which we will be able to hold back from any significant increase in fees will largely depend on the markets and the membership's involvement in pilot development programs through which we can contribute greatly toward reducing insurance premium costs.



Insurance Renewal

The HGFA general insurance covering 3rd party liability for loss and damages has been renewed for 2008-09. This renewal includes a favorable expansion of scope in our cover, improving the benefits for HGFA pilots. This result has come from the supportive relationship with our insurer, VERO and the work done by our Broker, Mr Wayne Cottier of OAMPS. Members should look to the link for our Certificate of Currency to download the certificate if required.



ROTAX Gearbox Mandatory Service Bulletin

Rotax has issued a mandatory service bulletin ( PDF ) affecting 912 and 914 series engine gearboxes after a fault was with the material used in making the gears. Under severe operating conditions, it's possible for gear teeth to break. The fix calls for replacement of the gears but the good news is that Rotax is paying the shot. Removal and replacement of the gearbox, the gear set and the installation of the new gears is all covered, as is the freight. Contact Airborne or Rotax for further information.



2008-2010 Board Election Results

A total of 15 members stood as nominees for the Board term 2008-2010. Members were called to provide nominations for election to the 2008-2010 Board commencing in August 07. Members were provided briefing of each nominee through the September Soaring magazine and some members made enquiry for direct contact to the nominees so that they could better determine their choices. Members were provided a postal ballot form with return paid postage in the September Soaring issue. Votes were received until 4 pm on Friday 28th September. Results were tabulated and are now provided. A full list of nominees is provided below  in alphabetical order with the elected Committee listed on the left. The new Board Elect will take up their positions in April 2008.


Successful Nominees to Board positions for 2008-2010 term. Non successful nominees
ALVAREZ, Javier DOWER, Peter
COFFEY,  Paul FOX, Matt
DENIS, Caroline  ROGERS, Chris 
MITSOS, Mark  VONDERWALL, Chris (Cyclops)
MOYES, Bill  WHITE, Geoff 
POLIDANO, Andrew  
WEBB, Brian  





ADSB - NavAid proposal


For information on this important topic and to provide formal response to the proposal please see HERE

A brief from the site is included below:

The Australian Government will soon be making a decision on a replacement system for much of Australia’s existing radar and navaid infrastructure. Recent advances in the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for ‘only means’ navigation and the use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) for ‘radar-like’ services has made these two technologies viable options to advance Australian Airspace Management infrastructure into the 21st century. The Minister for Transport and Regional Services, the Hon Mark Vaile’s Australian Airspace Policy Statement, made pursuant to the Airspace Act 2007, sets out the Government’s commitment to examine and implement technologies that can deliver safer and more efficient use of Australian airspace. The four Australian Government agencies involved in aviation policy: Airservices Australia, the Australian Defence Force, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Department of Transport and Regional Services; are seeking comment on the proposed wider application of ADS-B and GNSS technologies. The Joint Consultation Paper (JCP) sets out the proposal, including discussion of proposed funding arrangements and regulatory changes. The Paper also discusses the surveillance and navigation requirements of the Australian aviation industry.

Key Proposed Changes

  • Phased introduction of requirements for the carriage and use of ADS-B avionics;

  • From mid 2012, ADS-B OUT avionics will be required for all IFR operations, large Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and for all VFR operations that require carriage and operation of a transponder; and

  • From mid 2014, ADS-B OUT avionics will also be required for all heavy and medium unmanned free balloons and, with some exceptions, VFR operations for which carriage and use of VHF radio is required.

ASAC Response (includes HGFA Stance)

While it is agreed that the proposed technology will likely provide additional safety to the use and management of Australian airspace there is concern as to how this technology will impact on our air sports with the majority of our aircraft not being able to power these systems. The fear is that the current exemptions which exclude us from need to carry transponders or ADSB equipment by virtue that we simply can not power these systems will be eroded over time to the point that the exemption will be retracted. This would effectively result in grounding our operations. It is therefore imperative for our membership to highlight this concern and respond in support of the ASAC response giving weight to the response by numbers of concerned pilots. Please review the content of the CASA page (linked in article above) and that of the ASAC response and provide formal feed back by way of the Response form. Responses must be submitted by Oct 31st 2007.




Notice of Change of Location for 2007 AGM

Originally posted as to be held at Shoal Bay NSW, the 2007 AGM will now be held at the Rydges Hotel Camperdown, NSW. The change of decision is based on logistics of getting all Board members to teh Shoal Bay venue over a single weekend. The AGM will start at noon on 13th of October in the Bourke Lounge, 9 Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW 2050.


PART 149 Released for Public Comment

The long awaited PART 149 has today been released for public comment with a closing date for responses on the 24th September. This Part provides the new regulations that will allow legal standing for Recreational Aviation Activity Organisations (RAAO's) and defines the requirements to be met to remain or to gain RAAO status. Any new organisation wishing to represent sport aviation enthusiasts will need to conform to these rules and the NPRM process. All existing sport aviation administrations will be grand-fathered into the RAAO status under this Part, but will have 3 years to resubmit to CASA the required manuals and quality assurance requirements as defined in the Part 149 document. This NPRM is comprised of three documents:

1. The NPRM which provides explanatory notes to the Part and pages for public to respond in regard to the Part.

2. Appendix A which defines the regulations, providing a Draft of the end wording and how the Part will read once it has been passed into legislation

3. Appendix B which provides Regulatory Enforcement notes to the Part. This defines how CASA will deal with breaches of the regulations relating to participants and Organisations operating under the Part.


Part 149 sets the legislation for Sport Aviation Organisations while Part 103 sets the legislation for aircraft and participants operating sport aviation aircraft.



Nominations now being received for HGFA Board term 2008-2010

In accordance with the HGFA Constitution nominations are now being called for the 2008-2010 Board term. The HGFA Board consists of nine members, elected for a two year term. The term for the current Board will expire in April of 2008, whereon the newly elected Board will take office. Nominations for Board representation will be received by the HGFA Office up to 5pm on August 10th. Nominees will be posted in the September Soaring magazine along with a ballot paper and instructions for voting (if required).  IF no more than eight nominations are received by 10th August then those who have presented themselves for nomination will effectively gain the positions. A brief sheet for nominations can be found here.


APEC 2007 Grounds all aircraft within 45nm of Sydney airport
AIP Supplement H23/07 stipulates a no fly zone within 45nm of Kingford-Smith airport from 30 August 07 through to 10 Sept 07. This includes hang glider, paragliders, weightshift microlights. An appeal was lodged to the command centre advising that HG and PG operations were really no threat to the meeting and a request was made for exemption to WM training operations. The response received was that no aircraft would be provided permission to fly if they were not equipped with a serviceable and operating transponder. There is likelihood of severe penalties for anyone flying within the 45mn no fly zone during the dates which these meetings are to be held. Any special request to fly during this period complying with the transponder requirement can be made through the office of the General Manager or direct to APEC command - details included in the Supp.

CPI fee increase
Membership fees have been increased by 3%, in line with the Consumer Price Index (inflation).

Notice of Proposed Rule Making Part 103 released for public comment
Please read this carefully and consider all aspects of operations that you are familiar with. This is the new proposed law that replaces our current CAO's 98.5, 98.10, 98.32..
NPRM - Part 103

New HGFA office location
The HGFA office has been moved into space adjoining the Gliding Federation's offices at Essendon airport, Melbourne. The new address for the office is - 130 Wirraway Road Essendon Airport Vic, 3041.
Ph 03 9379 2155. Fax 03 9379 2177

Notice of Proposed Rule Making Regarding Carriage and Use of ADS-B Avionics
CASA wishes to advise the publication of a new Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM 0601AS) titled 'Carriage and use of ADS-B avionics'. The purpose of the NPRM is to initiate formal public consultation on new standards for ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) avionics in aircraft. The proposals involve:
- operational standards to ensure the safe use of ADS-B technology; and
- technical requirements to ensure that ADS-B equipment is fit for the operational purpose.
The rules proposed in the NPRM are intended to support further voluntary uptake of the technology by the aviation community. The NPRM intends to elicit responses to proposed regulatory activities by CASA to ensure that the use of ADS-B maintains or enhances the safety of operations.
To consider the proposals in the NPRM, please visit http://rrp.casa.gov.au/ads-b. Responses to the proposals can be submitted online via the same weblink.
ADS-B may concern microlight pilots more so than HG or PG pilots at this time due to the powering capacity (or lack of thereof) by HG and PG aircraft. Trikes on the other hand may be able to power these units and therefore may come under mandatory requirement for portage of these devices if decision is made that way.

HGFA President and Office Staff Resign
Due to communication difficulties between the office staff and the General Manager, the HGFA office staff and Craig Worth, the HGFA President have resigned. The HGFA board regrets their decision and will miss them, and would like to thank them for their years of contribution to our organisation. The office will now be moved to new premises and new staff sought. The Board wishes to convey their ongoing support for Chris Fogg in the role of general manager and the board will work closely with Chris in his ongoing role as General Manager. There will, unfortunately, be delays in processing the normal administrative duties while the office is re-established and the board wishes to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New HGFA Merchandise Now in Stock!
Have a look at our website shop to see new lines & designs.

Weightshift Microlight Subcommittee Meeting Minutes Available
The HGFA Weightshift Microlight Subcommittee Meeting was held on 9th August 2006 at NSW Sports House in Sydney. Meeting minutes are now available.

CASA National Awareness Workshop - Alcohol & Other Drug Testing
If you have airside access or are in a safety-sensitive position you are likely to be subject to an alcohol & other drugs program starting in 2007, including random testing as a result of a policy decision by the Federal Government. See the attached flyer for workshop details & venues.

CASA has Extended the Comment Period Deadline for Class 2 Medicals to 28 July 2006
Pilots are being
given an extra month to provide comment on a set of proposals to overhaul the way private and student pilot medical certificates are processed. Please see the news entry below and for more information see CASA's recent media release regarding the time extension. We again urge all affected HGFA members to use this opportunity to express their opinion on the $130 CASA medical processing fee.

Access to Class 'E' Airspace
CASA has confirmed Sport and Recreational Aircraft access to Class 'E' airspace through Civil Aviation Order amendments. For HGFA aircraft this applies to 95.08 (hang gliders and paragliders), 95.10 (single seat weightshift microlights) and 95.32 (dual seat weightshift microlights). Please read the explanatory notes contained in each section for clarification on this amendment.

New Standard for Paraglider Testing
Please see the attached new standard for paraglider testing EN 926-2 briefing sheet.

HGFA Board Meeting Brief
The new HGFA Board had its first meeting over the weekend of 24th, 25th and 26th March.
As you are aware the HGFA Board positions are a two year appointment. This meeting was the first for the new Board elect. During the course of the meeting the members of the new Board elected the HGFA executive with the following being appointed into the associated positions:

President - Craig Worth;

Vice President – Andrew Polidano;

Secretary – Michael Zupanc;

Treasurer – William Olive.

Rohan Grant was voted to continue as the ASAC representative with Andrew Polidano to be initiated into the role for later succession.

The March/April meeting of the Board is traditionally a planning meeting where  work is done to review and include new strategies for organisational direction. A review of the HGFA 5 year strategic plan was undertaken and a number of new strategies were tabled. Significant in these discussions, where decisions were made to move forward, were a review of the medical requirements for passenger endorsements, insurance for instructors and acceptance of a new methodology for pilot certification. The principal objective of all decisions made throughout the weekend was that of enablement. The Board reaffirmed its Statement of  purpose “to promote and develop free-flight.” The Vision Statement for the organisation to achieve by 2010 is stated as: “The HGFA will be a dynamic, responsive and inclusive organisation developing, supporting and promoting free-flying.” These two statements now underpin the works and directions of the HGFA Board going forward.

Booti Booti National Park Access Agreement

The HGFA Pilot's Forum has been Renovated!
A couple of the forum threads have now been re-named and the descriptions of most threads have been re-worded, to better state the purpose of the thread. There is also a new thread - "Commercial News" and the previous "For Sale" areas are now reserved for pilots wanting to personally sell (or buy) used gear. "Avatars" can now be displayed in your posts.

New Air Regulations for Operations at Non-Towered Aerodromes
The following link provides information about new procedures for operations at Australian non-towered aerodromes being introduced as part of the National Airspace System (NAS) effective from 25th November 2005. Please see:

Airfields Requiring Mandatory Carriage of Radio - CASA Instrument
Instrument number CASA 443/05, commencing on 24 November 2005. Also includes details regarding the revocation of previous CASA exemption instruments, and lists the aerodromes in which a serviceable aircraft VHF radio must be carried in the aircraft.

Update for Operations at Non Towered Aerodromes - Give way rules concerning Ultralights
Please follow the direct link below:
http://www.dotars.gov.au/airspacereform/Stage2c_FAQ_Ultralights.aspx for the latest clarification from the Department of Transport and Regional Services.

Streak 3 & Cruze Wing Owners Bulletin
The knuckles on Streak 3 and Cruze Wing control frames have exhibited stress corrosion cracking. This service bulletin details an inspection program to ensure safe use.

Safety & Ops Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the Safety & Ops Committee meeting held on 13-14th September in Sydney are now available for interested members.

New Anti-Collision Device to be Trialled
The GFA are to trial a new anti collision device this summer. Australian made, the device is an anti-collision aid (alerted lookout) and a GPS flight data recorder (track and altitude). It is much cheaper than ADS-B, and has minimal power draw. Although the device has display screens as shown in the attached info sheet there is the option to have a helmet fitted speaker that can provide voice data such as 'aircraft at 10 o'clock'. To learn more read the info sheet link or contact Nigel Andrews (nandrews@rf-developments.com)

ASIC Information Sheet
Please download the attached ASIC Recreational Flyer Groups Information Sheet for important information regarding Aviation Security Identification Cards.

Further Information on Airport Security Laws
The Office of Transport Security has released the attached letter indicating what the requirements are for an Australian Security Identification Card (ASIC) for various aircraft types. Also attached is a map of all airports.
Please note that the map specifies the General Aviation (GA) airports (not RPT) which are identified with a double asterisk.  The GA airports do not require an ASIC programme. For any further information, please visit www.dotars.gov.au

New Airport Security Laws come into play as of 10 March 2005
Under these laws, anyone who works in the aviation industry is responsible for helping to protect the security of our air services. These laws effect all security controlled airports within Australia and primarily powered aircraft but will also apply to anyone or any aircraft landing in the boundaries of a security controlled airport. For full explanation and responsibilities for powered aircraft owners and operators please visit the DOTARS website http://www.dotars.gov.au/transsec/aviation/fact9.aspx
Pilot Licences issued by CASA will require renewal with background checks and photo ID before new reissue of the licence. Background checks will need to be completed by end of December 2005.
A number of fact sheets are located on the website covering the many aspects of these new laws.

CASA Advisory Circular
CASA has published an advisory circular titled 'Developing A Safety Management System at your Aerodrome'. It is the first AC to be written on the subject of aerodromes, and there is a useful safety management checklist at the end of the paper.

NSW Launch of 'Flying Around'
Airservices Australia is pleased to be launching 'Flying Around' in NSW at the Australian Aviation Museum. Please download the invitation and RSVP direct to the organisers by 21 March if you intend to go along.

Airworthiness Advisory
Concerned members are directed towards the following link from the DHV website regarding carabiners:

A full self test advisory will be posted after April.

Draft ASAC Policy Statements
As discussed in the Soaring Australia GM report, ASAC has released draft policy statements for anti-doping and a code of ethics. The policy statements may need minor variations to incorporate the specific application to the HGFA. Any feedback is welcome and should be directed to either the GM or the HGFA Board before the next Board meeting in April.

Notice of Parallel Path for Pilot License - Key Issue Paper
Please take the time to download and read the attached pdf document by clicking here.

NSW Civil Liability Laws
See the following link for a description of the Civil Liability Laws in NSW and an interpretation of how these new laws may be applied. Thanks to Kevin Magennis for locating this article.
Good Description:

Also Dave Cookman has located an insurer who will sell personal injury and life insurance to our pilots. I will be meeting with a representative next Wednesday and will advise how that goes - apparently top cover costs $48 per month so you would have to sign up for a set period.

Multicom Frequency Introduction
Microlight pilots please note the following:
On 28 November 2002 a new "multicom" radio frequency of 126.7 was introduced for airport traffic
separation.  Pilots using VHF radio at uncontrolled airports where there is no assigned CTAF or MBZ
frequency are to use the "multicom" frequency rather than the area frequency as in the past.
Obviously where there is an assigned CTAF or MBZ frequency, that frequency is to be used.
The reason for this change is to reduce clutter on the area frequency by removing local airport radio
traffic.  This change will not affect a great number of pilots given that most airports where there is
substantial traffic either have a CTAF or MBZ frequency.


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