OzGap 2005


Michael Zupanc 09-2005

OzGap 2005 has been developed to simplify the sometimes confusing saga of Departure Points

Put simply, all the pilot has to do, is get to goal early!

Your Departure Time is irrelevant. The Departure time of any other pilot is irrelevant. All you have to do is time your exit from the launch so that you get to goal before anyone else.

Departure points are gone.

Place based Arrival Points are gone.

OzGap 2005 is simply a time based Arrival Points system that constitutes of the available speed points, that means that if the maximum Distance Points available is 600 points, 300 will be available to speed and 100 points will be available for arrival points. The rate at which the points drop of is fixed. The graph below shows the rate at which the points drop off.

Text Box: Available Arrival Points

You need to get to goal within 45 minutes of the first person in goal to get much in the way of usable arrival points. After about an hour the points are getting close to zero. Technically, the points are zero, one and a half hours after the first pilot in goal.

Points drop away quickly at first. 20 minutes after the first pilot arrives, approximately half of the available points are gone. Three quarters of an hour after the first pilot, the points are down to only approximately 15% of what was available.

Get to goal early!