Most areas of Australia have a local flying club. Apart from being the most direct and useful way to access the HGFA, clubs also offer a much more local slant on the flying scene than the national body. Most run both flying and social events on a regular basis, and also make sure local takeoff and landing sites are kept safe and usable and accessible for pilots. Clubs also appoint local Safety Officers who know and understand local sites and conditions, and can also offer expert advice for beginners and visitors to the locality. Many clubs also run local skill improvement days, as well as entry level competitions, and in some cases subsidise equipment sales for such things as first aid kits, tow equipment and more. And of course the local club is the very best source there is of good second hand equipment ...

All clubs are run by a committee elected from the members, by the members, so they are always very much tuned into local requirements. They also have plenty of experienced members who are only too happy to help out newer members with site information, local transport and flying tips in most cases.

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